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So I was speaking with a friend just a day or two ago about an upcoming course I’m working on.  I’d like to give a few of you a heads up as to what it’s going to be about.

One of the core things I’ll be addressing, is why you need to be ‘publishing from your podium’… which should be a WordPress driven website.

Hear me out.

Sure it’s great to build up your sphere of influence on the big social media platforms, but let’s face it, the crowd is fickle.  It moves and will likely move in the future.  There will be new ones that pop up, there will be current ones that die out a bit.  Your job in this whole process should be branding yourself and your website… and having great conversations with the crowd.  And yet, always bringing them back to your ‘mother ship’ so to speak.  Your WordPress driven website…getting them on your list.


Let’s face it.  You don’t own Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin…oh and do you remember that ghost town called Myspace?  Yeh that happens.  So, for a number of reasons you should be always focused on producing awesome content ON YOUR website, that YOU control.  Also, another big thing to consider.  Do you think Google indexes Tweets, or FB posts/updates more…or do you think you have more longevity and exposure from a well shared post on your website (blog)?  Yeh, just think about that for a minute…I can and will show you proof in the course where a blog post and it’s indexing on Google will far outlast any notice that happens in the fast & furious social media chatter space.  This is just another solid reason you should consider listening to me about this whole ‘publishing from your podium’ setup.

1. Publish from your podium
2. Easily share out to social media
3. Build sphere of influence on those platforms
4. Always consider bringing them back to you…what you control.

There are many ways to do this social syndication of content, I’ll be sharing a few that are automated or semi-automated…whichever makes most sense for you.  The point is, I’m trying to sell you on the concept here.  How it gets done will be covered but isn’t the most important part.  The most important thing is that you setup a schedule and a system of growing your presence online and always bring them back to your podium.


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I’m spending a little time going through some inspirational material on a beautiful Saturday afternoon…and thought I’d update this site as it’s been a while.

Your life is shapeable, make it awesome.

I have been having fun taking some photos lately and this is one I like that I captured this past summer. Not sure why I love it, it’s just an interesting looking old artichoke flower that was in the back yard. Hope you dig it too.

What’s new you might ask.

Well I’ve been redesigning the focus of my business as Google has changed a lot in the past year, which in my opinion is a great thing but it requires a shift in what you focus on.

The biggest focus of change is to produce great content. Content that touches people in some way.

Don’t just publish for the benefit of getting in front of Google, do it for your business and in the service of those that you serve. If you focus on creating great content that inspires and serves people, maybe, just maybe Google will also dig it but again, don’t do it for that reason alone. Do it from a position of wanting to help the most people possible with whatever skills, talents or services you are offering.

Live life fully in all aspects of your life, it will reward you.

Have a great rest of the weekend!



“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

I read a post on Facebook this morning that expanded on this quote nicely and thought I’d pass it along.

“Few people want to dwell on death. Those who do are not much fun to hang around with. Being aware of the inevitability of death, however, and consequently the finiteness of this life is not a preoccupation with death. To the contrary, it is a devotion to life. Acknowledging that death can come at any time is not morbid, it is part of living each day, and each moment of each day, to its fullest. Don’t waste a second of this precious but fleeting life. What is it that coaches say to athletes? Give it everything and leave it all on the field. And so, leave no good thing undone in your life, for this may be your last chance to do it.” – Dharma Beginner (on Facebook)


Belief vs Faith

So, I was having a discussion with a friend about belief and faith one day.  You know, one of those cool deep discussions on life. At one point I said something (I forget exactly what it was) and he said, Sean I think you’re confusing belief with faith.

So he told me this story that helps clarify what I like to refer to as the ‘glaring nuance’ on the topic:

“Say we have to hire an entertainer for an event.  We decide on hiring a tight rope walker.  So we go to hire this guy that’s been in business for several years and is great at what he does.  We look up at this wire that he’ll be walking across and totally believe he can do it, as he’s done it so many times.  He’s walked across the tight rope with animals, barrels, beach balls, etc.  At our event he’ll also walk across with a wheel barrel.

Belief is what we have when thinking that he can do it.

Faith is when you go and sit in that wheel barrel.”

Sometimes in life we have to find the courage to do tough things that require faith.   My hope is that you found this story useful in discovering that sometimes belief alone is not enough…and that sitting in the wheel barrel of life, is required.

Take care and have an awesome rest of the day!


PS:  Let me know what your experiences are with faith or if you have any cool stories related to this topic.  I’d love to hear from you!

PPS:  This is an image of the wire we looked up at while having that conversation…and of course a very relevant quote from Gandhi.

“Faith is not something to grasp, it is a state to grow into.”
– Mahatma Gandhi